Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scrapbooking: A Family Affair

I have my scrapbook table set up in my bedroom.. it's almost floor to ceiling and hard to miss so the kids noticed it. And they love to play with the stuff on it. I started letting them having scrapbook time, mostly so they wouldn't just randomly play with my stuff. There has been a dark green marker and completed Easter page incident... sigh. Here are a few pages created by the boys. I give them a picture that they glue to there paper and then they dictate what they need. They are very specific on the ink colour they need for a particular stamp and so on. I realised just how much they where picking up when we where making homemade valentines. Jerome was cutting a piece of cardstock and was about to glue it on when he announced he needed to ink his edges.

This page was created by Patrick at age of 2.

Also by Patrick at age of 3.

Created by Jérome... you can't really see but he spelt his name with an accent. yeah.

Also by Jérome he wrote the word dirt bike all by himself. At age of 4.