Thursday, September 06, 2012

U8 - soccer

Again I've been watching the adventure of glitter girls on Two Peas In A Bucket and she was discussing, "to theme or not to theme". Basically wether or not you should use theme paper, embellishment, etc for certain picture. Birthday, Christmas, and so on. She was mostly against it.

At first I didn't agree. But as I was making my son's soccer page today. I wanted to concentrate the color scheme on his team colors. Burgundy. And using up my scrap stash and practicing matching my own papers from different collections and manufacturers.

I had a pack of soccer embellishment and I did use some of them, however the black and white soccer ball just didn't fit.

I really liked the metallic "SCORE" letters and wanted to use them. That was however the only metal embellishment I had pulled out. I wanted to make it fit in a little better without having to go out and purchase expensive additional metal embellishments. So instead I decided to use staples and sequences.

I never thought of using sequences in a scrapbook layout. But it's a great inexpensive way of adding bling and color. I came across that idea on a video on Two Peas in the Memory Keeping Monday series.

For this page I also dusted off my cricut imagine cutter. I wanted to use lots of tags, decorative shapes and journaling blocks and I had a very limited supply on hand and nothing that really fit. So I took my imagine more cartridge and printed and cut out three pages worth. It doesn't take a long time to build up the bills with adding the small embellishments to your collection of scrapbook supplies and even more if you try to have a variety for different color schemes and occasion. That's why I like the cricut, although there have a hefty price tag. Combined with pattern paper, stamps, ect you can pretty much make any embellishments in any colors for any occasions. The potential is HUGE!!!

This is what my pages originally was planned to look like. It's just sitting there nothing was glued yet.

But as I was putting it together I ended up changing a few things (like removing the plastic soccer balls) and filling a few holes.


A Glittery Halloween

Well I was at it again last night. It is a bit of a challenge since I can't accomplish all I was thinking to do with my pages until I unpack my scrapbook stuff away.

I was thinking of embossing some of the pieces of orange paper to give it a little more dimension. Or to spritz some black mist on my page.

I was going through some of my picture and I picked out some from Halloween of 2001 ( I suspect I already scrapbook these )

I pulled paper in Halloween colors but I wanted to accent in silver to match that sheer spiderweb fabric I had on my costume.

I came across the silver glitter cardstock I purchased last year from my stamping' up rep. And decided to put it to work. With the high glitter paper I like to use it in small accent in my pages so that's it not overwhelming.


I selected a layout from page maps jan 2012

The lighter orange cardstock I selected seemed a little too bright for my liking so I stamped it with a large background stamp with black ink.


I inked all the edges with black ink, to to pull all the different pattern paper and cardstock together.

So here is my final page. Embellished with black, gray, and silver gems.


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hello Scrapbooking, I have missed you!!!

Hello, it has been a while. Can you believe that my last post was back in November 2011. Shameful!! But in my defence, I purposely walk away, not only from the blog but from scrapbooking all together. Packed half of my things in bins (I have way to much and ran out of bins). Now why in the world would I do something so stupid?? Good question! There is a few reason. As you may or may not know. We took over the family farm, and that was the reason I quit selling Close To My Heart and quit the workshop nights I was hosting. It would have been impossible during calving season. And then my husband and I took on some extra course (real estate investing) and I wanted to dedicate myself fully to it.

Well then, why are you back?? Another good question!! Truth is I can't stay away. I knew from the beginning that it would be temporary. I do still have to figure something out for my scrapbooking space. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of tools and material for scrapbooking, and my house is small! Purging has not crossed my mind, I love my stuff too much!

Well so here I am. Itching to scrapbook again!!

Before I packed my scrapbook away. I discovered Shimelle!!! She's is an amazing scrapbooker from the UK. In fact she is a Garden Girl on Two Peas In A Bucket. She's got videos posted on youtube. And I fell in love with her style. She's been my inspiration. And you will find a lot of Shimelle style sneaking into my page. In fact here is one she has helped me create.

I decided that today would be the day I scrapbook again and picked a picture.

It's a picture of Mike (my father in law) and Jake (his dog) on the day he first got him. At first I was thinking of titling my page "We Miss You". Since they have now both passed away. But I decided that I didn't want to scrapbook my grief of having lost them and instead scrapbook their lives. The good memories.

I have started following the Glitter Girl (Shimelle) instructional video on Two Peas. It's great she takes a scrapbook question and answered it in her video while making a layout. I watched one where she covered the art of matching different paper and embellishment. So I decided to give it a try.

I picked the picture, then a picked out paper. Most of those are from a collection from CTMH, which makes matching a little bit like cheating. But I did include a paper from my stash of scraps, it's was called Chalk from My Minds Eye (I think it was a yard sale find). And then I also pulled different stickers, embellishments, patterned stick tape. I didn't end up using everything I pulled out but it was nice having everything at my disposal ready for my layout.

I selected a layout from Page Maps (if you haven't visited this website, I strongly recommend you do Also there are past videos on Two Peas called Stretch the Sketch that teaches how to take a sketch and to change it for your own layout.


To help the paper work together, I inked the edges in chocolate. Originally I wasn't going to mat the picture and follow the layout more closely. But the colours I had selected where pretty subdued and I wanted to make the orange pop a little more. So I used a orange pattern paper to mat my picture placed pop dots and give it a bit of an angle to make it stand out a little more.


This ended up been a very speedy page. Took me about an hour. Planning your page only a few minutes ahead speed up the creative process.

Now to start unpacking my scrapbook supply so that I can have access to more of my stuff for my next page.