Friday, May 28, 2010

Barbwire Fence Card

I have discovered a new blog worth mentioning this week. I was so excited to find it. Didn't know it was out there. Please take the time to visit They hold scrapbooking, cardmaking contest using Close To My Heart product.

I wonder if this card would qualify for the H2H8 contest??

I must admit I didn't come up with the idea of this card by myself. I came across a sample of a white picket fence card in front of a window (using Close To My Heart's Flower Pot a previous stamp of the month). I intend to make it as well and will be posting it when I complete it. But with fathers day coming soon and my father in law's birthday, I wanted a more masculine card.

I did discover a few things making this card... mainly the importance of a clean work surface. Arggg.

Here is the instruction for making this card.

Material and tools required:
(everything I used was from Close To My Heart)
Chocolate cardstock x5642
Colonial White cardstock 1388
Chocolate ink stamp pad z2211
Cocoa ink stamp pad z2214
Colonial White ink stamp pad z2168
Desert Sand ink stamp pad z2118
Grey Wool ink stamp pad z2125
Olive ink stamp pad z2153
Goldrush ink stamp pad z2123
Indian Corn Blue ink stamp pad z2130
Vineyard Berry z2157
Clover Meadow z2113
Paper Trimmer z338
Micro Tip Scissors z534
Sponge z697
Scoring Stylus z608
1 1/4" Circle Punch z1311
My Farm stamp set D1219
Post It's
Vellum Spray
Scrap paper
White colour pencil

Step 1: Take a sheet of chocolate cardstock and the chocolate ink stamp pad. Place the stamp pad flat on the cardstock (ink side down) and rub in circular motion. Do this on both side of the paper. This is really so cool makes a great faux leather look. You have got to try this. It will work with any cardstock and matching ink pad.

Step 2: Cut out the base of the card from the chocolate faux leather cardstock 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" scored at 4 1/4". As well cut out three piece of 12" by 1/2".

Step 3: Cut out of Colonial White cardstock 4 1/8" by 5 3/8".

Step 4: Stamp on Post it image of the tractor and cut out. I gave a quick spray with vellum adhesive to the parts that was not sticky and let dry till just tacky. Be sure to keep outside part of the post it.

Step 5: Place post it tractor on Colonial White cut out cardstock where desired and place two more post it at "horizon".

Step 6: Dab sponge into Colonial White ink stamp pad and dabing excess off on scrap paper apply a soft layer to top part of exposed cardstock. Be careful the Colonial White is a pigment ink and it is thick and slow drying... I covered myself with it, I'm speaking (or typing) with experience.

Step 7: Continue Step 6 with the Olive stamp pad applying the color just under the Colonial White area blending softly. Be sure to dab excess off on scrap paper before applying to your project. Again I am speaking with experience. After that finish bottom section using the same technique with Desert Sand ink stamp pad.

Step 8: Reposition the post it to cover the bottom portion of the "horizon". Using circle punch cut out a circle out of post it and apply on upper left corner of the tractor post it. I used the adhesive spray here again.

Step 9: Dab on colour as was done for bottom half of card using first Goldrush, Vineyard Berry, then Idian Corn Blue. Vineyard Berry is a very bright colour; be sure to remove excess on scrap paper so obtain a pastel like colour (I missed that step near the sun... oh well).

Step 10: At this point you can remove all the post it and see how the background looks.

Step 11: Place the outside post it of the tractor around the tractor silhouette and dab on some Clover Meadow. Cause well this is a John Deer household I guess.

Step 12: Remove post it and ink up the tractor stamp with Cocoa ink stamp pad. This is a large detailed stamp so be sure to place the protective foam sheet that comes with your stamp set under your project so that it'll push the cardstock up to the stamp for a good contact. Line up carefully and stamp in the designated space. Gotta love clear stamps. Good luck doing that with a wooden or rubber stamp. Ya I have a preference.

Step 13: Stamp the... barley??.. or is it hay?? I am such a bad farm girl. I have no idea what kind of "crop" it is but stamp it at different highs on the lower left corner of the card. I quickly noticed that stamping in second and third generation really gives it depth and movement. I stamped this in Cocoa ink. I also inked the edges with Cocoa ink.

Step 14: Cut from the 12" by 1/2" piece a 2", 2 1/2", 3", and 3 1/2" pieces.

Step 15: I used a white colour pencil to mark the middle and 1/4" from the one end to cut out the corners.

Step 16: Ink edges with cocoa ink.

Step 17: On remaining 12" by 1/2" piece; stamp barbwire in Cocoa ink then cut out. Ya this time takes a little bit of time. You may want to do it comfortably on the couch watching tv. Your done before you know it. Really.

Step 18: Cut one of the barbwire at about 4 1/2" lengths and the other one at a little over 5". The stamp is not long enough for those measurement but it is easy to stamp it side by side continuing the barbwire pattern. Glue the barbwire to the fence post and fold excess and glue to back of the card creating a gate. Be careful! It was at this point that I turned my card over onto a bit of glue. Clean work surface is nice.

Step 19: I created a similar design for the inside of my card using the same technique as I did for the front, limiting it to just a small accent area. I used the Desert Sand ink on the bottom and Indian Corn Blue on the top and ink Gray Wool for the milk container thingy then stamping the image with Cocoa. Again ink the edges and voila.

At this point I seriously considered waking my husband to admire the card with me. But it was midnight... and he's a grump when I wake him at that time for something he doesn't consider an emergency.

Hmmmm. Would this qualify as an emergency?


  1. This is a great card and such a lot of work went into it! Thanks for showing us all you did and for playing along this week.

  2. WOW! Great card, awesome job on the background, well worth the effort!

    I love the barb wire fence, great way to make the template your you mind if I post a link to your card from my blog? I'd like to add it under my Gate Cards so that others can also be inspired!!

  3. Angela, Deneen, Thank you for the compliments. Deneen feel free to post a link to my card. I would be honored.

  4. Awesome card! And very cool that you added a tutorial. Thanks for playing along with H2H!

  5. OMG I love it WOW mel. What did adam think when he saw it? I love it. I want to do it soooo bad now!!!


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