Monday, April 27, 2009

Project Wednesday

Well I woke up to snow today... Argggg, only my son Jerome seems to appreciate the snow anymore. Eventually we'll have beautiful sunshine and I can't wait to go camping; in fact I have a pre-made scrapbook layout for a camping page. It was one of the project I completed at the regional celebration with Close to my Heart.
In the meantime to keep busy. I'm hosting a Project night on Wednesday night to complete this envelope album. I created this original album in February for my mom with her pictures from her trip to Portugal. She can store her extra pictures of postcard in the envelope so it's great. I'll post pictures of the completed album we'll be creating on Wednesday so be sure to come and check it out.
As well my friend Annemieke is hosting a home gathering with me on friday night and I'll be showing how to complete a mini waterfall album. This album is so cool; when you pull on a tab the pages flip on their own. And it's suprisingly easy to create. Thank you Kellie for showing me this album. Again I'll be posting picture of this album soon.
Well I'm off to bed.

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