Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My sister and I recently got together to prepare some samples for upcoming workshops. My sister, Jinny, recently became a consultant with Close To My Heart. She's always had an interest for scrapbooking although she mostly just admired what I made and made very little time for her own scrapbook. I had started doing the workshop with CTMH and contacted her when I was doing the Cherry-O Workshop knowing she would love it. Well she couldn't make time, which was fine. She is a busy single mother after all. A few months later she came to one of my workshop and saw the sample page that had been done with the Cherry-O and she whacked me in the arm (sisterly love.. you know!). She loved the workshop and was mad I didn't make her come. Go figures.

She started hosting her own workshop and it was getting so big that we figured we would be better off if she became a consultant. Gives her a discount and cut down my trips to Calgary. Best of all, I now have a consultant friend to make the sample pages and cards with. Yeah!!

This is a partially completed two page layout for the Olivia Workshop. At first from the pictures in the Idea Book I wasn't completely sold on this. But to see it live... is a complete different experience. I really like it. and the stamp is absolutely gorgeous!!!

The only problem is that it features the sanding edges technique. Well it's not really a problem for me, and the look is amazing... but my sister didn't fare too well.

Yup that would be a face cloth in her mouth... She was attempting to diminish the grinching feeling she would get from sanding the paper. She complained a lot... loudly... it was really funny. Didn't bother me at all. This may be a tricky workshop for her.. hehehe.

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