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Zella Scrapbooking Weekend (2nd Layout for H2H)

It seem that most scrapbookers I either come across or read about, answer to the question “when did you start scrapbooking” with an answer that resembles “ I’ve always had a form of scrapbook in my life, I use to doodle in my photo book, etc…” Ya, that’s really not how it was for me. When I started working at the pharmacy where I currently work, they had a scrapbook section. And the girl who ran that section would often ask me. “Melanie, when are you going to start scrapbooking?” And to that I would always answer. “Humm let me see… Mmmm… Never! ” I can’t think of the reasons why I said that. If it’s that I didn’t think I had the talent, or if the pages I saw didn’t inspire me to want and do the same. Maybe it was the wide variety of equipment involve, did it overwhelm me? The truth is I always turned my back on scrapbooking for those few years.

I know it wasn’t because I didn’t feel creative enough. I explored my creativity in many different venues. Drawing, pastel, paint, sewing, knitting… I never excelled in anything in particular. I wasn’t really bad at any either. It was just for fun.

Then, one day, a neighbour invited me to the community hall for a card making thing. I was now a new stay at home mom, and I welcomed the distraction.

Well, I was hooked! It may not have been love at first sight per say. But it was enough that I felt the need to include card making to my list of crafting activities. Shopping online for supplies for my new hobby, I came across Close To My Heart and I decided to sign up as a consultant. It was after I got my kit that I started making my first scrapbook layouts. If I was going to sell card making and scrapbooking supplies I better have some layouts to show.

That’s when it was love at first sight. I gave away all my drawing pencil, paint, and yarns after that. I had found my passion!! Card making is great, it’s fun and you get instant gratification! Scrapbooking take something that is already important to you, Your Memories, and make them into something that you can also physically treasurer. Maybe it’s because I was a new mom and I had a lot of baby pictures. But I’ve never looked back.

Looking now, at how much I’ve accumulated. I may have gone over board or given in to the dark side of scrapbooking. But the truth is that I love that I have found this hobby and I wonder why I fought it so hard those many years ago.

This past weekend, I was at that local community hall; hosting a scrapbook weekend for a hall fundraiser.

Here are the pages I have accomplished. (not very many, I might have gotten caught up with chatting).

Relatively recently, I acquired a new Cricut Imagine machine. So I'm excited with it and including it's help in every pages I create. I used the Cricut "Dude" cartridge for this page. I'm also working on making embellishments part of my planning portion and creating my layout. In the past it was normally an after thought and ended up looking like so.

I created the tag by first cutting them out on the Cricut cartridge. I then stamped a background of some sort and then stamped the tag/coupon with a CTMH stamp set. And of course I inked all my edges to create dimension. I really like how multiple elements are combined in my cluster. the stamped image, the cricut cut out and the chipboard.

And here is the next layout

I'm aware that not only is this layout using bad pictures, they are enlarged. I took those pictures my old Samsung phone. And maybe it was the settings, maybe it was the phone; but it took crappy pictures. They where still the only pictures I have for this funny moment between me and my bff's. So I scrapbooked them anyways.

I love the look of staples. It is such an easy way to add interest to your project and it tends to be such an under used embellishment. Mostly by me! But honestly, staples and easy, inexpensive and create a great statement. In fact, at heart to heart this week the challenge is metal. And I will enter this page as my challenge as a tribute to Staples!! The forgotten underdog metal embellishment !!!


In my home town, and surrounding area, Acadian Day is celebrated with gusto! They decorate their houses with flags, banner ropes in the colours of the Acadian flags. With lawn ornaments, and lights. In fact, the house decorating of Acadian Day comes neck to neck with Christmas decorating. It is quite a sight to see. Unfortunately it is not something that my kids will get to experience very often. So I've made a point of celabrating Adacian Day at home, in Alberta. We had our very own Tintamare (which basically is a noise parade) I invited my Sister-in-Law and my Mother-In-Law to join us. They came along, shaking their noise makers and tooting their horns for a parade around the house. Half way through my Sister-In-Law stopped and asked. "Wait a minute!!!! Is this for real or are you seeing to see what you can make us do?" It was so funny!! But yes I'm afraid Acadian's really do this for real. The kids had a blast!!

My kids are an easy source and inspiration to my scrapbook layouts. 90% of my layouts are about them and 99% of my pictures showcase them. I've started to make a point of also including a few pages featuring me. But my husband, although presents in many pictures, is almost never the focus. Same goes with the dog. Troy was a target in only one other layout, that if I'm been truly honest was really about my eldest boy. So here is a layout featuring my most scrapbook neglected subjects.


Yeah!! Soccer!! At this point, this is really the only organised sport that my kids are involved in. For the past two summers I've enrolled them in this amazing soccer program. Soccer players from England tours Canada, teaching our youth the art of soccer. They make it fun! And they pass along their own love of soccer to our kids. Now if we can just get them to stop calling it football. :)


I do like the look of stitching on a layout. But I already have my cricut and my photo printer for big bulk machine stealing my scrapbooking space. And I refused to give up valuable real-estate to one more. Truth is, if I had the space I may feel different. But while browsing my local WalMart, I came across a hand held sewing machine for only $15. I figured what do I have to loose? Well, $15 but I figured that would be a decent gamble. I took this little sewing machine home and tested it out. I'm thrilled!! It worked so well! Now it will only do a straight stitch, but hey! it's more then I was willing.

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