Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A homemade present for my nephew's birthday

These past few months has been a little pricy with Easter, the boys little friends/cousins birthdays, and of course I very much a gift giver. So my husband as ask me to cut down on the spending for gifts. Fine... I think I can do that. I decided to simply make my gifts, for mother's day we are giving our mothers an envelope album of their trips.

May 7th 2009 is my nephews birthday. He'll be 6 years old. And he recently started playing soccer, he's loving it and he's a great player. So I whent to the dollor store and started loking what I could turn into a homemade gift that would be suitable for a little boy.

I picked this:

I figured he could use the clipboard to display his artwork or pictures; and a box to keep his treasures.

The closer I was getting to this birthday the cheaper I felt this gift was. But I completed and I am very pleased! I think it turned out great. I used four different papers/cardstocks and a sheet of transperacy.

Now, hopefully he'll like it.

Talk to you again soon


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