Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scrappin' My Little Heart Out

Well it's been a little while. Adam had a race next weekend so I've been preparing for that. It was a lot of fun; dusty too. The boys love been surrounded by that many dirt bikes. Which is good since this was the first race of many for this season.

On a scrapbook note, I was surfing the net the other day and visited Becky Higgins blog (for those of you who may not know her, she his an amazing scrapbooker, published many times over. She great for creating attractive multi pictures layout with a simple appealing look. I'm a big fan) Well on her blog she was suggesting a few tips for organising your scrapbooking; not the materials but your scrapbooking plans.

She created a form that she fills out with the pages she would like to scrapbook along with such information like the album it's meant to go in, subject of the page, if the pictures are printed, the page created and the journaling completed.

Here is an example:

I printed a few forms out and started filling it out while going through my picture box at the same time. I have two complete page filled out. That's a lot of pages to create. The great thing about this is that I can see what I want to do, which page is ready to be completed and mostly I get an amazing sense of accomplishment when I can strike out a completed page. It is a great motivation. I strongly suggest you do the same and see if it works for you.

Here are a few pages I've created these last couple of days.

I was please at how Toddler Gym turned out. I had a sketched pick out and was selecting paper. I was looking for orange since every pictures had orange on it. Then I came across the brown poke-a-dot style paper which has a little bit of orange and blues and greens. I fell in love with the paper. And now that I'm looking back at the completed page I can see that keeping the orange as an accent colour really makes it pop out that much more.

I don't know if you've ever seen the "word" albums. They are a little 2 ring album that each page it slightly longer then the last finishing with a letter, so when the album you can see each letter spelling out your desired word; Love, Family, ect. Ever since I got my slice I've been planning on creating my own. and finally I did. I used my slice on the largest setting and cut out the letters on white chipboard (which is a fancy word for saying a white cardboardy page that comes with the labels at my work). This is great because the slice can't cut through the chipboard but it will mark the outline of the letter very well. Here are pictures of my album.

Well I wrote this blog with many children interruptions so I hope in the ends it makes sense.

Till next time


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