Monday, May 18, 2009

Project Nights

Well I haven't posted anything in over a week, I've been keeping busy. It was project night at my house on Wednesday and the night before that I went to my friend's Kellie's house and had a private project night there. This month the project was a mini portfolio. This looks great and it is so easy. A whole new use for envelopes. These could be used as a coupon hold/gift, a card holder, a mini album (each slot would hold a decorated page) and so on. It's up to you.


Seal and fold desired amount of envelopes, folding in half and trimming about 1/8" at each end.

Using a strip of double sided tape along the middle of one half of the envelope glue in two. Doing the same for all of the envelopes.

Then with a strip of double sided tape along the middle of one side of the envelope glue all the envelope to one an other. This should create your portfolio portion of this project.

Cut out a piece of cardstock to the width of the envelope by 12" and score your first line at the length of your envelope, then again about 1/2" from there. Then to allow room for tabs I folded at the length of my folded envelopes plus 1/2". Then one final score at a 1/2" again.

Then decorate your portfolio before assembling as you'll need to figure the kind of attachment you'll want to use.

I came up with three. My first was a half circle notch glued with an embellishment. My second is two eyelets holding a small circle cardstock with a string, in this case a used Close to my heart,s Waxy Flax. My final one was by having a string across to hold the tab (I used a smaller envelope for this one so i had a lot more "flap").

Then with a strip of double sided glue on either side of your portfolio to assemble to your holder.

Then simply fill whit what ever you wish.
We had a great time and everyone's project looked great.
Of course Brandy came babe in tow and worked on her scrapbook, it looked great so here are some pictures of her work that night.

Stay tune to see pictures of my May Long Camping Trip to Yaha tinda. Too much fun!!!!

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