Tuesday, January 18, 2011

H2H From Your Heart To Ours Challenge

What are the chances?? I just finished posting about how I have my paper sorted. Please be sure to check out my previous post. Since I already did the paper. I decided that for this challenge I would show how the rest of my scrapbook material and tools are organized. **WARNING** I did not tidy for the pictures... and I'm a messy scrapper.

This is what would be on my left side when I am sitting down at the scrap table. I recently shifted everything over in my bedroom to give my scrapbook supplies a proper space. Big thanks to my husband for letting me take over our bedroom COMPLETLY.
 I bought the bookcase/desk at IKEA. It is perfect. Each cube section is 13.5" x 13.5". I know PERFECT size right!! and there are 25 cube sections. 5 high by 5 wide. There where smaller bookcase available but I'm glad i went with the big one. I already got it full.
This was my old paper system. I found these at walmart. 13 x 13.5 drawers. Perfect for paper. I have 4 stacked on top on each other here. Now they store random supplies
I have one drawer for my chipboard, one for embossing supply, 4 or 5 for stickers (which i don't use all that much but still buy), one for rub ons, etc...

 I have this bin full of project my kids have taken home, of pamphlet i have collected on a trip. Basically any thing I may want to add to my scrapbook when I get to working on that particular project.
 I got this bag at Regionals in Calgary. Its perfect. I can store the items i use the most close to my work surface so it near when i need it and i can pick it up and go for crops or workshops.
 My magazines and if you notice i have my ribbon in that dispenser bag. Love that.
 More magazines and my layout books... well some of them I can see i didn't unpack from the last workshop.
 These big box where the best for hiding my unfinished project and extra ribbons all sort of stuff like that.
 I keep the embossing powder i use often in the glad containers with a plastic spoon. So that I can pour it on my project and the excess powder falls right back in the container. Mess free! I have my adhesive in a drawer container on the side.
 Envelopes. I;m lucky to work at a pharmacy. Every so often they get rid of their envelope and I'm right there to collect. Not so much anymore.. I'm good in envelopes now.
 Stamps.. stamps and more stamps. I decided to use these Dollar store basket instead of the CTMH cases because i wanted easier access when I'm scrapping. I just have too many stamps for the cases.
 There containers holds my blocks, my punches and my sponges which i have cut into 6 and stapled a piece of paper indicating which colour it is for.
 And my Slice Elite. Love it.
 Well that was the grand tour. Can't wait to see your space.


  1. I am always amazed at how well people can organize in such a small space. Thanks for sharing with all of us at H2H.

  2. Thank yo so much for sharing your space with us at H2H! I love the idea of putting embossing powders into larger glad containers!

  3. Thanks for sharing your space. I love your Ikea bookshelf!

  4. Melanie - your version of "messy" still looks pretty well organized to me! Your paper set-up looks awesome, and so are your shelves. Thanks for joining us at H2H this week :o)

  5. I think is it so cool that you have your scraproom in your bedroom, that way it is the firt thing you see when you wake up and the last thing to see when you go to bed. I loved looking at all your things, so much fun stuff to play with! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Melanie!
    I am totally an Ikea gal too. Thank you for sharing your space with us at H2H!!!

  7. Great space! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! *Ü*

  8. Great space! I really like the paper storage that you posted in your last post. Thanks so much for sharing with us at H2H! *Ü*

  9. I am impressed! You got a whole lot of supplies in a small space.


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