Monday, January 17, 2011

Papers and Scrap

Well I have just completed card #3 and #4. Slowly getting them all completed, only ten more to go. For Card #3, I tried to use up the cardstock I had made for the H2H challenge. In fact this card is made completely with white cardstock. The half circle embellishment wasn't actually planed that way I just didn't have enough paper to complete a full circle.
The butterfly (from the January Stamp of the month) is inked in Sky Z2194, rock-n-rolled into Indian Corn Blue Z2130 and I Q-tipped some Pear Z2197 in the middle.
For card #4 I started with the ribbon rectangle. I've been blog hopping a lot lately and came across that idea and I decided to try it out.
I'm really pleased with the outcome. I stamped the flowers in Goldrush Z2123 and Crème Brulee Z217 with the stamp Rosy Regards B1369.
I place a piece of corkboard has my card background and stamped a border (from a now expired stamp set) in Cocoa Z2114.
These last two cards where done fully with my scraps. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Sometimes it seems that I have enough paper to scrapbook for a lifetime.
So I though I would share how I have my paper organized. This seems to work for me now. But there has been a lot of trial and error before I came to this set up. I have recently gotten a paper rack (which I LOVE!!!!) and i have it set up with my pattern paper on the top half separated into colours (mostly blues, mostly green, mostly black and browns, etc...) then the bottom half has my cardstock.... I have my CTMH cardstock together... and the rest is not yet really organized.
Then I have my CTMH paper packs in this carry case that my sister got me for my birthday a few years ago. Merci Jinny, Love ya.

And I have more CTMH cardstock in the CTMH 12 x 12 paper organizer z334 separated into each colour. I don't have all 60 colour represented here yet.

And then for my scrap paper. This is probably the set up that has been changing the most over the years. I don't throw scrap away very often... and I tend to keep fairly ridiculous small pieces. At first I had them in a box. Then I had tried a 12 x 12 filling folder box. But being that it is scraps all the paper would be at the bottom and it just didn't work all that great. Now I have them in these Stampin Up 12 x 12 Paper Holders and I have a resealable bag Z329 in each section for the little pieces.

This set up seems to work for me.... for now. I would be curious to know how you have your paper organized. Please leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. Great space, this is just about how I store my paper as well! Thanks for joining us at H2H this week!


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