Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planning and Scheduling

My schedule for this week started out great! Monday was a holiday, Tuesday I worked, Wednesday to Friday were going to be off days and work Saturday. Sounds great!! But as it turned out, to help cover for a girl who quit at work, I ended up working Thursday and Friday. And on Monday I was asked to get a guestbook ready for a wedding shower on Saturday. Right, no problem. Juggle two young boys, work, meal making, scrapbook workshop evening, Hall decorating, and now guestbook making.

So are you organized if you get everything done but felt like you where two steps behind the whole time??

In the end, I got this little project done and I am pleased with the outcome.

Here is the list of material/tools used:

Ink: Lagoon Z2195
      Sunflower Z2150
      Creme Brulee Z2167
      Chocolate Z2111

Stamps: Two-Step Background D1473
             Rosy Regards B1369
             Dreams Come True D1470

My Creation 3-Ring Binder Z1141

I based my colours from the decoration, which was based from the colours selected for the wedding. That combination works very well. I stamped the rose in Sunflower and stamp the outline in Creme Brulee. I stamped the leaves in Lagoon on Crystal Blue cardstock, and stamped the background in Lagoon on Crystal Blue cardstock.

I then cut out my interior pages from white daisy cardstock (5" by 7 1/2"). I stamped the outline of the rose unto a post it note and cut it out. I used it as a mask and then stamped my border  from the Dreams Come True stamp set. I then stamped the rose with sunflower in the masked off area. I like the look so much at that point I decided to forgo the rose's outline on the pages.

Assemble the whole thing together and you end up with a lovely Guestbook for a wedding shower.

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