Tuesday, October 25, 2011

H2H Halloween/Autumn Challenge... Take 2

Somewhere in the blog world there is a very talented girl name Andrea, who creates the most amazing paper craft with the use of her CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge and I can’t help myself. I am scraplifting from her right, left and center.

Please visit her blog www.girlpluspaper.blogspot.com and prepare to be amazed.

I started giving instruction on how to make this pumpkin but honestly, Andre has already done such a great job at this that I would suggest you just visit her blog.

So even if this creation didn’t originally come from me, I decided to enter it in the H2H challenge because it’s just too cute a project to not share.

PS: be sure to use a battery operated tea light if you wish to illuminate it.


  1. Hi, very nice!!! ;)


  2. Really awesome! Glad you shared that with us at H2H!

  3. Oh my stars, this pumpkin is so cute! Thanks for sharing @ H2H!


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